Integrated Annual Report 2015

Our strategic focus

Our strategy

Our strategy for more than 20 years has been to build a diversified portfolio of businesses and geographies to support clients through varying markets and economic cycles. Since inception, we have expanded through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

In order to create a meaningful and balanced portfolio we need proper foundations in place which gain traction over time.

Our current strategy

  • Maintain momentum in Asset Management
    • focus on investment performance; and
    • maintain strong institutional momentum and continue to build our advisor business.
  • Continue to internationalise the Wealth & Investment business
    • focus on organic growth within our key markets by enhancing the range of services offered for the benefit of the client; and
    • extend into jurisdictions where the group already has an established business.
  • Grow the Specialist Banking businesses
    • continue to build the private client and corporate and institutional client franchise businesses; and
    • focus on improving the returns within the Specialist Banking business.
  • Build on the progress made with the digitisation strategy to ensure a superior client service experience that is both high tech and high touch
  • Continue to build client franchise businesses that support our entrepreneurial endeavours and provide appropriate returns to shareholders
  • Leverage our extensive client base so we can offer them a broad spectrum of services and products.


Our long-term internationalisation strategy

Our current strategy

  • Follow our customer base
  • Gain domestic competence and critical mass in our chosen geographies
  • Facilitate cross-border transactions and flow.

Our diversified and balanced business model supporting long-term strategy

Broadly defined, we operate across three areas of specialisation focused on well defined target clients:

Broadly defined, we operate across three areas of specialisation focused on well defined target clients:

We aim to maintain an appropriate balance between revenue earned from operational risk activities and revenue earned from financial risk activities.

This ensures that we are not over-reliant on any one part of our businesses to sustain our activities and that we have a large recurring revenue base that enables us to navigate through varying cycles and supports our long-term strategy.


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