Integrated Annual Report 2015

Communication and stakeholder engagement

Building trust and credibility among our stakeholders is vital to good business


The board recognises that effective communication is integral in building stakeholder value and is committed to providing meaningful, transparent, timely and accurate financial and non-financial information to primary stakeholders, as defined below. The purpose is to help these stakeholders make meaningful assessments and informed investment decisions about the group.

We endeavour to present a balanced and understandable assessment of our position by addressing material matters of significant interest and concern. We seek to highlight the key risks to which we consider ourselves exposed and our responses to minimise the impact of these risks. Another objective is to show a balance between the positive and negative aspects of our activities in order to achieve a comprehensive and fair account of our performance.

As a requirement of our DLC structure, we comply with the disclosure obligations contained in the applicable listing rules of the UKLA and JSE and other exchanges on which our shares are listed and with any public disclosure obligations as required by the UK Regulators and SARB. We also recognise that from time to time we may be required to adhere to public disclosure obligations in other countries where we have operations.

The Investor Relations division has a day-to-day responsibility for ensuring appropriate communication with stakeholders and, together with the Company Secretarial division, ensures that we meet our public disclosure obligations.

We have a board-approved policy statement in place to ensure that we comply with all relevant public disclosure obligations and uphold the board’s communication and disclosure philosophy.


Investors and shareholders

Government and regulatory bodies



Rating agencies


Equity and debt analysts

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